Alisha Paturiyavet

Alisha has an intricate knowledge of western and Asian design culture from Tokyo to Florence and USA since 2005.

Circa 2013, Alisha arrived back to her native country, and started working in a digital agency company for a few years in Bangkok, 
Quickly she started to notice that there was a problem with the branding development process.

So, she asked myself this question “Why aren’t there many long-lasting brands existing in Thailand unlike the West or Japan for instance?”

After observing much potential, Alisha decided to base herself in Bangkok because the possibilities in ‘Branding Development Business’ seem endless.

Alisha’s vision is to help and encourage Thai entrepreneurs in developing their brand the way that their brand should be created rather than following the latest fad in order to look ‘cool’, but in order to have market power and longevity.

In fact, branding goes far deeper than just ‘a look’. It’s the start of ‘how that business wants to personify and portray itself.’

Alisha wants to create an awareness of knowledgeable branding, ‘a valuable branding can create an impeccable identity,’ and to insure sustainability for your brand means to create the brand/concept from scratch.