David Roth

David is an Entrepreneur at heart and expert in organisational transformation and social innovation. With a proven track record as an experienced facilitator, trainer and influential process design specialist, he works to help organisations and teams better understand and sustainably adapt to the often complex and fast-changing environment they are operating in.

He is recognized for the design, development, and delivery of strategic learning interventions for global organisations across six continents and various cultural backgrounds. These interventions have been proven to build and strengthen leadership skills, driving radical innovation, digital transformation and culture shift on all levels of an organization.

David passionately applies Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Exponential Technology and Behavioural Science to organisational development, vision and strategy creation, and the delivery of global projects. His leadership experience in these fields make him an excellent partner for scalable innovation and transformation processes.

Born in Bad Nauheim, David has been educated in Germany, USA and Thailand.
He has two decades experience of working in Asia, Africa, APAC, Europe and the USA, partnering with organisations such as Siemens, UNDP, UNHCR, Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Civicus.

He is regularly invited to give guest lectures at Raffles College of Design and Commerce Bangkok Thailand, and the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University in Bangkok Thailand. He coaches and mentors C-Level managers in Africa, North-America and Asia. He is a CrossFit enthusiast, active runner, and certified skydiver who enjoys the outdoors.

In fact, branding goes far deeper than just ‘a look’. It’s the start of ‘how that business wants to personify and portray itself.’

Note wants to create an awareness of knowledgeable branding, ‘a valuable branding can create an impeccable identity,’ and to insure sustainability for your brand means to create the brand/concept from scratch.