Kimleang Boy

Kimleang Boy is a bachelor student from the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, majoring Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship. She has been involving with several field research projects. In particular, she has participated in one-month-field immersion in Nan province, Thailand to learn about local people, lifestyles, cultures, and community development. Moreover, she recently, took one month to intern with the Community Research and Consultancy Program of This Life Cambodia Organization. While working with Community Research and Consultancy Program, she has involved in three projects: Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Consultancy. Kimleang is passionate about field research because she loves traveling to different places and meet new people. She believes that knowledge is more than just obtaining through books or articles. Kimleang believes that meaningful ways of learning are to get out of the comfort zone and cultivate a good relationship with others; there are so much more that we could learn from different people. It helps to foster the growth of our mindset.

Kimleang loves music and likes to sing to herself when she feels down. Furthermore, she loves to organize her room because she likes tidiness.