Viajai Global Learning Labs are short online workshops conducted live & in real-time by our coaches and facilitators around the world. Viajai convenes people from all walks of life to enable meaningful conversation, valuable tools, and engaging learning. We aim to build a global community of teachers and learners.

Together with the InsightPact methods we use everyday with our clients and partners, the Viajai core themes focus on the intersection of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and organizational culture.


September 2019


We’ll let you know as soon as we are live!

All workshops 100% live.
Choose from one of our thematic areas below.


Personal leadership tools for insightful leaders who understand themselves deeply and well-equipped to serve others.


Team-building tools for teams to cultivate a healthy working culture where everyone feels heard and valued and the best ideas thrive.


Design tools that allow us to empathize with the people who matter most to us, creating space for all stakeholders to co-create solutions together.

Viajai Global Learning Labs facilitate connections and conversations between you and people you never thought you’d meet - from around the world.


Connect with other learners and practitioners from around the world outside of workshops on Slack.

Remote work and learning is the future. Get to know the ins-and-outs of Zoom. Familiarize yourself with how we will leverage the tool to run the Global Learning Lab.

Work with an accountability partner who will help you reflect on your experience at the Global Learning Labs, and integrate what you learn into your life and work.

Why live online learning?


In today’s climate crisis, hopping on planes to attend conferences in other countries perpetuates unnecessary harm on the planet. Your carbon footprint will be much lower than attending in-person conferences overall.


Immerse yourself in interactive online workshop from spaces that make you feel inspired, energized, and grounded. You won’t have to deal with the cost and fatigue of traveling either!


In a time where screens inhibit human connection, explore how the digital space can create genuine connections. Participate in interactive workshops that get you to really reflect, talk, and build with fellow participants.


Meet a diverse community of practitioners from around the world. Reduced expenses from community discounts and not having to pay for flights and accommodation makes the Global Learning Lab more inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds.