Insightful Leaders are…

Practitioners of reflection without judgement

Navigators of complex interactions between people, culture, and places.

Partners in fostering creativity who understand that team well-being is critical for productivity.


Our Leadership Development Programs

Next-Gen Leadership

With our cross-generational team working in tandem with your senior and junior executives, we work with you as executive coaches on a 1-on-1 hourly basis and as facilitators in a multi-day fully immersive event. In either case, we will help your organization build leadership teams that can:

  • Integrate ideas and perspectives from its newest leaders.

  • Learn from the legacy and experience of its senior leaders.

  • Move the organization forward with shared values and understanding of a diverse, nimble operation no matter your size.

Co-Creation Leadership

Our team has deep experience working with diverse communities across the globe. We share this experience by facilitating your senior and mid-level managers through 1-10 day fully immersive events or as partners in a 6-month scaffolded learning program. We will help your organization build leadership teams that can:

  • Uncover insights you need to build forward-thinking strategies and create inclusive products.

  • Build ideas in partnership with people who are at the heart of your work.

  • Gather evidence to evaluate new ideas so you move forward with confidence.