Proactive and Solution-Oriented: Meet Trish Sta. Rosa - Business Development Manager at InsightPact

Trish loves working and collaborating with people. She's been doing it for over 10 years now, and she's ALWAYS on the lookout for ways to help individuals, teams, and organizations, find opportunities for growth in all directions, shapes, and sizes.

She considers her diverse business development and people management experience, of working with a variety of industries and people across the globe, as a tool to provide creative, efficient, and people-centered strategies that drive positive long-term impact, externally and internally, online and offline.

Trish radiates a love for wellbeing. On weekends, you will find her leading wellbeing workshops for working moms and engaging intentionally in various self-care activities. Her favorite ones are sunrise meditations, weight lifting, a good full body massage, and surrounding herself with intellectual people.

The best part of InsightPact for me.

“InsightPact allows me to be me, 100%”.

It allows space for learning by not knowing everything all the time.

If I were to describe InsightPact, it would be: “This is an organization that values the well-being of its people first and foremost.”

A bit about me.

I was a very social and active kid way back in school. Imagine inter-school volleyball leagues, dance competitions and spelling bees. Yep, you can say I’m a bit competitive too!

I believe that stage in my life shaped the interests in all of my life pursuits. And of course, having a fair share of learnings from co-developing businesses in various industries - creative, restaurant, fitness and edtech over the last 10 years really molded me to who I have become and helped me find my one true passion - wellbeing.

Okay, wellbeing AND traveling. That’s two! I mean, what’s not to love about traveling? In 2017 while I was solo back-packing Asia-Pacific, I had this aha moment while meditating in a park in New Zealand. “Why not find something meaningful to do where I can combine wellbeing and travel?”

Fast forward 2 years, I started a travel agency that provided wellbeing retreats. Just before I had a return of investment, the pandemic came. The world changed in a snap. And what did I do? I gave up. Kidding!! I still pursued my passion.

I moved temporarily to Dubai and then to Thailand while facilitating wellbeing workshops for moms. And now I have InsightPact! Travel + wellbeing + social impact. What more can I ask for? My life is full of surprises! Where could I be next year?

Where am I from?

My dad is German, my mom is Spanish-Filipina. I used to call Manila my home since most of my adult life I’ve spent there. But home really is wherever my family and I are together. And that’s Phuket for now.

Why InsightPact?

Easy question. It aligned with my wellbeing goals.

Funny, it was actually an accident finding InsightPact. I was browsing through Linkedin for some interesting roles in Thailand and I put the keywords, “wellness”, “business development” and “remote work”. And ta-da magic!

I knew it was a match made in heaven because of the amount of focus they placed on “culture fit” during the interview process.

The book that changed the way I think.

54321 by Mel Robbins – it shares this brilliant technique on how anyone can start doing something even if they can’t find the motivation to do it.

It resonated a lot since I’m a mom, a wife, a coach, a chef (in my little way), a friend, a colleague, a team member… I wear many hats!

This book helped me be more intentional and present when switching hats.

How I practice well-being & wellness in my day-to-day life.

The 5 non-negotiable things in Trish’s day :

1. Eating as little amount of processed food as possible.

2. Moving my body across the day, even when in a meeting.

3. Meditating, could be a simple breathwork, a mental clarity exercise or simply appreciating the beauty of nature around me.

4. Getting enough sleep including naps if I need to

5. Smiling at myself in the mirror


My morning routine.

  • Wake up at 6am.
  • Open all the curtains to let the light in.
  • Make my coffee with a little milk
  • Meditate.
  • Work out. 
  • Shower, Skincare, Get ready for the day.

My playlist right now.

1. Million Little Miracles - Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music

2. Gratitude - Brandon Lake

3. Don’t You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia

Business Development Manager
Trish Sta. Rosa
Trish Sta. Rosa
Business Development, B2B Client Management, Acquisition Marketing

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