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Live & online classes to practice courage and build confidence in leadership, design & communication.

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Viajai is practice for your future you, today.


5 ways to practice

Click on a picture below to learn more about the studios offered for that category. Depending on the topic, each studio is 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes.


These studios are for practicing:

- Managing complex conversations
- Designing engaging workshops
- Conducting basic field research

Learn more about Foundation studios.


These studios are for practicing:

- Acquiring data from & with diverse people
- Creative problem solving & idea sourcing
- Building prototypes and testing them

Learn more about Co-Creation studios.


These studios are for practicing:

- Listening in different ways
- Creative storytelling techniques
- Understanding body language

Learn more about Communication studios.


These studios are for practicing:

- Practicing individual reflection techniques
- Reflection tools to use with your team
- Using diverse forms of unstructured data

Learn more about Reflection studios.


These studios are for practicing:

- Being more focused
- Warm-ups and energizers for your team
- Making time for wellness in your life

Learn more about Mindfulness studios.

Let’s get practicing.


Viajai means passion.


Viajai Learning Studios facilitate connections and conversations between you and people you never thought you’d meet - from around the world.

Why 100% live online learning?


Your carbon footprint will be much lower than attending in-person conferences overall.


Learn in a space that makes you feel inspired, energized, and grounded. No travel fatigue!


No recordings. No Lectures. Your presence matters to other learners in the community.


Not everyone can travel freely. viajai is an inclusive global community of practitioners.

Viajai Learning Studios is designed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Viajai means purpose.