viajai Studio Offerings

On this page you’ll find detailed descriptions of each type of learning studio that we offer. Let us know if there’s a topic that you’re looking forward to seeing in the future!


  • Facilitation 101

  • Coaching 101

  • Design 101

  • Research 101

  • Deep Dives


  • Insight

  • Problem Framing

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping

  • Testing


  • Listening

  • Storytelling

  • Body Language

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Coffee Tables


  • Systemic Constellations

  • Peer Coaching

  • South Spotlight


  • Somatic

  • Breathing

  • Sensing


Foundation studios are about practicing core skills in facilitation, design thinking, & field research - whether you’re new or experienced as a coach, manager, or researcher.

Facilitation 101

Practice the key skills of facilitation experiences that encourage honesty, openness, and courage. Gain confidence in your ability to manage a space or room and guide people through strategic, challenging, and creative conversations. These studios will also cover facilitation and process design.

Coaching 101

Learn tools to practice and support your colleagues and teammates. These tools are about helping your peers reflect on their own experiences and exploring pathways forward. Join these studios to also practice coaching without judgement or inserting your own experiences into others' decision-making.

Design 101

Cultivate a design mindset that is responsive to change, resilient to uncertainty, and celebratory of relationships. Know how to apply the mindset to your life, your work, and your relationships.

Research 101

Practice and gain confidence in key behaviors and tools of a field researcher. These studios will focus technically on preparing for research, gathering unstructured data, and the systematic and rigorous analysis of that data.

Deep Dives

Dig deeper into these 90 minute studios about tools and concepts from across the viajai offerings. Contact us for more details or send us a request about what topics you'd like to see in a Deep Dive studios.


Co-creation is about design thinking & human-centered design. With studios covering all parts of the design process, there are always opportunities to learn and practice new design tools.


Navigate relationships with stakeholders, users, research participants, and the environment. Practice a user-centered approach to build trust, to test assumptions, and to be more agile in recognizing insights.

Problem Framing

Turn data into possibility. Practice narrowing down the problem you are trying to solve, so that you are ready to discover as many creative solutions as possible.


Turn possibility into creative opportunity. Practice tools to stretch your mind and think up ideas you never would have been able to identify otherwise.


Build creative confidence, fail safely, and pivot with agility. Practice building things with your own hands and brains, and getting feedback from peers in real time.


Create an environment for receiving and giving constructive feedback. Practice creating opportunities for acquiring evaluatory data in quick and agile iterations.


Listening, storytelling, body language are facets of communication that require behavioral skills we often neglect to practice. These studios are about slowing down to understand how we communicate.


Listening is a skill hardly practiced. Practice recognizing and applying different forms of listening to different contexts and situations.


Understand and practice storytelling as a powerful tool for communication, building relationships, and navigating complex situations. Practice thinking quickly with wit, humility, and confidence.

Body Language

Body language quietly and strongly affects our interactions and relationships. Practice recognizing and navigating the way people communicate with their bodies.

Conflict Resolution

Learn and practice ways to navigate conflict that establishes clear boundaries. Practice mediation and managing expectations around people’s needs in order to enrich complex relationships.

Coffee Tables

Participate in an energetic and cozy conversation where healthy disagreement is not only welcomed, but encouraged. Topics are set beforehand, but the conversation can go in whatever direction the group wants to take it.


These studios explore Systemic Constellations, a form of systems thinking and mindfulness practice adapted for professional and personal contexts. These studios get you out of your head and into using your senses to understand complexity.

Systemic Constellations

Practice and gain confidence in a reflection tool that integrates systems thinking, embodied knowledge, and mindfulness to gain new insights into the challenges your are working through. Build confidence in appreciating and trusting the way our bodies can be a rich source of data for tough decision making.

Peer Coaching

Practice and gain confidence in a reflection tool that integrates systems thinking, embodied knowledge, and mindfulness to gain new insights into the challenges your are working through. Build confidence in appreciating and trusting the way our bodies can be a rich source of data for tough decision making.

South Spotlight

Get to know some of the brightest, warmest, most hand-working and innovative minds from global south communities. Celebrate the wisdom of people who have had significant impact on their communities.


We believe in creating shared space to come together for wellness. Building an online global, inclusive, and low-carbon community requires intentional time. Come practice with experienced yoga teachers and partake in creative mindfulness studios.


Practice and gain confidence in the way that your body can help you be more mindful in your daily life and work. Create time and space to practice embodied mindfuless in these studios with with yoga teachers, physiologists, physical therapists together with our viajai community.


Practice and gain confidence in noticing your breath. Breathing mindfulness studios focus on the practice of grounding as a way to reduce anxiety, find calmness, and increase focus.


Practice and gain confidence in using all of your senses: sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste to understand the world and the experiences that we have within it. Through creative and playful activities and exercises, Sensing Mindfulness studios let you engage in the world in more ways.