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Learning Environments

We design experiential opportunities that help you learn from experts of all shapes and sizes. We embed you into the context you are trying to understand so that you can build meaningful relationships and gain crucial insights.


We believe in a co-creative mindset and think that you should too. Whether we are creating a leadership development program for a corporate senior leadership team or developing toilets for a refugee camp in Myanmar, we involve our partners and key stakeholders in every step of the process.

Cross-Cultural Communication

We help your team navigate complex organizational and human systems to be more inclusive of diverse cultural practices. Our programs often include activities that get you to confront differences without judgement so that you can communicate effectively and confidently across national, organizational, generational, and even familial cultures.

Embodied Reflection

The human body is a real-time map of our emotions. Increased heart rates, tension in your muscles, and changes in breathing signal something important about the situation you are in or the challenge we face everyday. We guide you through a process of listening to your body so that you can gain insight into your decision-making process and your relationship with others.

Design & Agile Tools

Our work is rooted in our years of experience in design thinking and human-centered design. We equip your organization with tools to develop collaborative research, designs, prototypes, and evaluations. Getting feedback on your ideas rapidly means that you can iterate more effectively and be as responsive to your stakeholders’ needs as possible.

Field Research

We conduct qualitative research with rigorous commitment to research participant care, data ownership, data organization, and strategies to overcome biases in every step of the research process. Our rigor ensures respect for our clients and research participants, leading to the highest possible data quality.

Case Studies

Case Study: Learning Environments


International Development Design Summit

Raitong Organics Farm is in the process of building an innovation hub for food and agriculture in Sisaket Province, Thailand. InsightPact teamed up with MIT D-Lab, IDIN, and USAID to conduct a long-term field study in rural Northeast Thailand. We worked to better understand opportunities in health, waste management, organic agriculture, education, and silk production. We produced a 16-day immersive experience in the form of a residential design summit, International Development Design Summit Sisaket, which was equal parts learning environment, co-creation training, and cross-cultural immersion. We fostered community trust, co-created a program, built the infrastructure, and conducted a facilitated immersive experience in rural Thailand.

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Case Study: Co-Creation


Open Science Research Project

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of the Canadian Government wanted to learn more about Open and Collaborative Science in the Global South. InsightPact teamed up with the University of Toronto to conduct a 2-year study about open, collaborative, and inclusive design of low-cost laboratory equipment (microscopes, centrifuges, education kits, etc) in Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal. Together, we co-created a research plan, and conducted ethnographic interviews, five immersive co-creation workshops, and a global survey. Together with community stakeholders, we co-wrote a book chapter published in Contextualizing Openness (Ottawa Press, 2019). We worked with, gathered feedback from, and co-designed with stakeholders and participants every step of the way.

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Case Study: Cross-Cultural Communication


New Leadership Development

A Fortune 500 global software company wanted 1000+ of their young leaders from the recent university graduate leadership program to tackle a real-world challenge as part of their training. InsightPact teamed up with facilitators from Future Considerations and representatives from an international non-profit to give these leaders an immersive experience of inclusion and empathy. We curated a learning environment of custom interviews, data, and content from the non-profit’s stakeholders for the young leaders. Then, we facilitated the co-creation new prototypes with community members to foster and activate global supporters of the non-profit organization’s work. We worked with an international team, facilitated a large co-creation engagement, and created space for the representation of diverse and global voices.

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