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FAD (Futures Assisted Design) is a brand-new framework that combines Design Thinking with Futures and Foresight. It is a deeply iterative and systems-centered approach to understanding problems, brainstorming solutions, and testing those solutions. Not just for what we can understand today, but for what we can imagine tomorrow.

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Futures Assisted Design (FAD)

FAD will take you through a series of phases where you will learn foresight skills as well as practice prototyping and iteration, developing a new and creative way of thinking. FAD will rewire your ways of knowing, helping you question your assumptions, develop preferred futures, and create new solutions that can stand the test of time.

Futures Assisted Design (F.A.D) framework diagram.

Course Flow

What to expect.

Week 1

Get to know your cohort in this first week of introductions, framings, and expectation-setting. Bring your problem along and record your pitch so you can measure your progress over the course.

Week 2

In this week, we will empathize with our end users and develop an understanding of historic trends and how they affect the present. We will also begin to generate ideas and develop prototypes.

Week 3

Expand your ideas and assumptions of the future in week 3. Develop scenarios and refine problem statements that are fit for tomorrow. Using what we have learned, we will also iterate on our prototypes, moving us closer to solutions.

Week 4

In week 4 we begin to anticipate the implications of solutions through a combination of futures and design activities. We will also continue to prototype, test, and refine our solutions.

Week 5

Week 5 is all about coaching. Link up with your facilitators and fellow participants as you get targeted feedback and individualized coaching on how to improve your solutions, questions to consider, as well as feedback on pitches, presentations, and your learning thus far.

Week 6

In our final week, we present and celebrate the progress we have made. This is also another opportunity for feedback and testing, making sure your ideas are ready for the world.

Who Should Attend

This training is designed and ideal for:

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Organizational Leaders and In-House Practitioners

Are you a leader or someone who practices innovation at work? With FAD, learn how to take your ideas to the next level by incorporating Design and Futures to create ideas that help create your organization's tomorrow.
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Seasoned Designers, Consultants, and Practitioners

Are you a seasoned facilitator, designer, or futurist? Be amongst the first to experience the latest innovation in Design Futures and be a part of its next steps.
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Interested in designing a more intentional future

Are you interested in building a better future? Looking for a way to connect today’s needs with your hopes and dreams of the future? FAD will give you a way of making that connection.


We offer sliding-scale tuition.

$750 USD
Individuals working/studying in the Global South
$1,000 USD
Students, Grassroots NGOs, and Early professionals (1-5 year experience)
$1,500 USD
Emerging professionals (5-10 years experience)
$2,000 USD
Senior leaders (10+ years experience)

Key Dates

Program Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: Next cohort dates to be announced soon

Session Times: Participants can choose between the AM or PM sessions

All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand for participants who have scheduling or other conflicts.

Participants will be required to attend a minimum of 50% of all live sessions

Please note that participants are expected to have a stable internet connection and join live sessions from a location that is conducive to conversation, movement, and learning

AM Cohort
9 am GMT+7
PM Cohort
2 pm GMT+7

Meet Your Facilitator

Image of Susan Basterfield.

Romano Theunissen

Romano is a professional futurist, innovation practitioner, and facilitator with expertise in identifying and creating opportunities for innovation and collaboration. With backgrounds in Education and International Relations as well as having lived on 3 different continents, Romano has guided cross-cultural groups across multiple industries all around the world.

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