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Group of professionals working in a board room with masks on.
Group of proffesionals working in a board room with masks on.
Hermes and Irene smiling in a selfie photo.

Origin Story

InsightPact was established in 2017. Our founders, Irene and Hermes, recognized that there is not only power in our individual ideas and values, but that there is even more power in working together, in all of its conflict, joy, perspective, and laughter. Forming InsightPact was a labor of love to create something that invites people to transform conflict into opportunity, and convene people and organizations in fair and open dialogue.
Our company has been through many iterations throughout the past 5 years, but one belief has always remained true: what makes work fulfilling is feeling understood, supported, and celebrated by those we work with. And fulfilled teams create successful organizations. These core beliefs drive us in all the programs and initiatives we work on at InsightPact, internally and with clients.
Group of professionals huddled together in a circle smiling.

Our Mission

To be the world's leading partner in facilitating people-centered leadership, organizational effectiveness, and workplace wellbeing for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our Vision

We believe that organizations have the responsibility to support and nurture the wellbeing of their stakeholders by creating healthy work environments that inspire and engage team members to meet their objectives effectively. As a society, our workplaces should contribute to our health, support our ability to live the lives we want, and provide an opportunity for meaningful personal and professional growth.
Three professionals working on a plan.
Group of professionals working on a table to solve a puzzle.

Our Purpose

We build powerful tools and create learning opportunities for organizations of all shapes and sizes to enable people-centered leadership, organizational effectiveness, and workplace wellbeing through facilitation, training programs, and HR technology.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our work, influencing the design of our programs and the way we engage with our clients and each other.


We are continuously learning and growing. We experiment and iterate to expand what is possible with our stakeholders.


We hold space for diverse perspectives to inform our decisions and actions, which we acknowledge has impacts on our stakeholders, society, and the environment.

Quality that Delights

We are committed to delivering products and services that our stakeholders enjoy, find meaningful, and can’t wait to tell others about.
We prioritize the wellbeing of our team while integrating empathy, care and support into each aspect of our work.

Meet the People Behind InsightPact

InsightPact is defined by its people, a blend of lifelong learners, dedicated leaders, and passionate innovators. Together, we are not just a team, but a diverse community united by our shared mission and values.
Travor Akwenye
Director of Business Development
Relationship Management, Strategic Planning, Sales Management
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Katrina Botelho
Director of Programs
Facilitation, Systems Thinking, Policy Analysis
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Rozana Cardozo
Program Manager
Design Research, Community Development, Public Policy
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Hermes Huang
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Co-Creation & Design Thinking, International Development, Innovation
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Bhekisisa Kumalo
Marketing & Brand Communication Manager
Strategic Brand Communication, Digital Marketing, Visual Communication
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Irene Laochaisri
Design Research, Community Development, Public Policy
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Sriwan (Wan) Siangjun
Senior Program Manager
Project Management, Facilitation, Entrepreneurship
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Ted Sookkhasem
Director of Finance & Operations
People Management, Customer Experience, Operations
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Romano Theunissen
Director of Research & Innovation
Futures Studies, Facilitation, Strategy Development
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Worawit (Mee) Wanathamsujarit
Finance & Operations Manager
Project Management, Storytelling, Field Research
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Experience Life at InsightPact

InsightPact is more than a place to work—it's a vibrant community where curiosity is encouraged, growth is nurtured, and fun is always part of the agenda. Find out what life at InsightPact looks like.

4-day work week

In January 2022, our team began a conversation about the possibility of adopting a 4-day work week. As of late May 2022, after a 3-month experiment with a 4-day week (what we call Flexible Fridays), InsightPact has officially become a 32-hour workweek organization. And,..


Distributed team international health insurance package

InsightPact provides all employees with health insurance through SafetyWing to ensure that they have access to the quality healthcare they need to stay healthy.


Unlimited Paid Time Off

We believe that a healthy work-life balance is critical to the success and well-being of our employees. To support this, we offer unlimited paid time off for vacation, sick days, and personal days, as well as paid holidays throughout the year.


Wellness Allowance

We recognize the importance of employee wellness and offer a wellness allowance to support the physical and mental well-being of our employees. This program includes access to fitness classes, wellness seminars, and a range of resources and tools to support healthy living.


Promote Unparalleled Training Programs

Our innovative and people-focused training programs are designed to help organizations unlock their full potential, setting us apart from competitors in the learning and development industry.


Earn Generous Commissions

Earn attractive commission rates on every successful sale, with the potential for increased earnings as you progress through our tiered structure.


Get Dedicated Support & Resources

Access a wealth of marketing materials, tools, and training resources, along with dedicated support from our experienced team, to help you succeed in your partnership with InsightPact.

Professionals in a conference room with hands raised in a facilitated group session.

Case Studies

Our Impact: Stories of Growth & Transformation.

Here are some case studies of how we’ve helped various organizations move their mission forward
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