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Investigative Design.

InsightPact’s Global South network of systems coaches and designers are working to co-create impactful solutions that are emotionally intelligent, innovative, and inclusive.

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Investigative Design humanizes data and processes so we can get to the heart of the opportunity.


What is Investigative Design?

Imagination & Creative Capacity

Investigative Design opens our minds to see more creatively, and beyond what we think we know. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective, person, or place to spark the next big idea.

Field Research & Diverse Data

Investigative Design focuses on acquiring and using high quality data from diverse sources. Understanding human behavior, emotional intelligence, and rigorous field methods helps us focus on the goal.

Co-Creation & Design Thinking

Investigative Design fosters a co-creative mindset for building solutions in a safe-to-fail environment. By literally using our hands, we can design new solutions that can be experienced immediately.

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Investigative Design actively addresses our blind spots to understand the bigger picture.


How do we work with partners?


Design Thinking
Workshops & Training

Our global network of facilitators, coaches, and designers represent the next generation in innovation. Our facilitators have worked with multi-national software companies, international NGOs, and local organization in urban and rural settings. We proudly represent underrepresented places, experiences, and genders in organizational and leadership development.

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Innovation & Systems Coaching

Our team understands how to work with your team to co-design programs that touch at the heart of today's organizational development and executive leadership challenges - the ability to see the bigger picture and the way the systems we work in are shifting. We build programs that bridge generational divides to enable systems innovation & next-level growth.

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Product & Service Design

Investigative Design is our iterative co-creation method for designing impactful solutions that are emotionally intelligent, innovative, and inclusive. Investigative Design combines the best of design thinking with field research methods and creative capacity building to create a dynamic set of tools, mindsets, and frameworks.

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Investigative Design strives for empathy to better understand people, places, and cultures.


Global Program Delivery Partners

Thinking About Working Together?

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Our Team


Hermes Huang

Design Thinking Facilitation, Field Research, Blockchain Design, Project Management

Hermes Huang is a Design Thinking facilitator and social entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand. He has facilitated and taught programs in Design Thinking at the professional and higher education levels with groups from around the world. He approaches his work through a transdisciplinary lens of impact, collaboration, and technology.


Irene Laochaisri

Design Thinking Facilitation, Field Research, Innovation Strategy, Public Policy

Irene Laochaisri is a design, entrepreneurship, and development practitioner with roots in Bangkok, Thailand and Boston, USA.  Her work has taken across the world, from designing and launching a mobile education lab in Coahoma County, Mississippi to organizing and facilitating a design and community development summit in rural Sisaket, Thailand. 

Investigative Design asks powerful questions to fuel change in perspective.