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Kickstart 2024 with enhanced facilitation skills!

The Liberating Structures Studio is a 6-week cohort-based learning experience designed to guide you in mastering easy-to-grasp group facilitation techniques that nurture relationships, foster trust, and unveil untapped ideas - both in the virtual and real world.

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Online Sessions (9-11 am ICT)
Cohort Training
Please Note: Registrations for the 23 January 2024 - 27 February 2024 cohort have now closed.

Traditional brainstorming is a start, but it's insufficient.

Seeking diverse insights is a step in the right direction — aiming to incorporate as many varied perspectives as possible in addressing a challenge is indeed commendable. Engaging with a lot of ideas from a diverse group can be exhilarating! But, is it enough?

As time passes, particularly in a virtual environment, sessions intended to be participatory can deteriorate into monologues dominated by a few, leaving others disconnected and unsure of how to contribute. If you're the one leading the meeting, you may find it challenging to create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere. The pressure of steering the group towards outcomes can be burdensome.

There is a better way.

Liberating Structures pave the way for vibrant participation in groups of all sizes, enabling the incorporation and empowerment of everyone. These innovative methods can replace the older, restrictive approaches, creating a more free-flowing and inclusive environment. Furthermore, most Liberating Structures are simple to learn and adaptable to both small groups and larger gatherings exceeding 300 individuals, be it online or offline.

A group of professionals in a facilitated meeting.

InsightPact has partnered with Greaterthan to deliver the Liberating Structures Studio, designed to help you ensure that everyone is included and empowered in your meetings.

Build your toolkit and learn the right tools for effective facilitation with Liberating Structures Studio!

Who Should Attend

If you want to ensure that everyone feels empowered and engaged in your meetings, build your toolkit, and learn the right tools for effective facilitation, then Liberating Structures Studio can help you achieve your goal.

This course is ideal for you if:

A professional facilitating a session, standing in front of a whiteboard smiling.

You've facilitated before but want to learn more

You have some experience in hosting and facilitation and are eager to broaden your skill set.
A team of professionals sitting in a board room in a hybrid meeting.

You're experiencing meeting fatigue

You are exhausted from ineffective meetings and desire to bring about a change.
A team of professionals collaborating using sticky notes on a wall during a facilitated meeting.

You're enthusiastic about collaboration

You are keen to engage and learn collaboratively with a group of similarly minded individuals.

What You Will Gain

Liberating Structures pave the way for you to enable vibrant participation in groups of all sizes, enabling the incorporation and empowerment of everyone, regardless of their position or background.

From this course, you can expect to:

Experience Liberating Structures

Get hands-on experience with over a dozen Liberating Structures facilitation techniques, including those currently under development.

Utilize Liberating Structures

Learn how to utilize Liberating Structures optimally in various setups such as video conferences, hybrid, and in-person meetings.

Real-world insights

Gain insights from real-world examples of Liberating Structures applied across different sectors.

Explore innovative approaches

Develop a deeper understanding of traditional collaborative methods and explore innovative approaches.


Enhance your confidence and ability to usher in subtle yet impactful changes in your professional or personal life through the use of Liberating Structures.

Program Details & Structure

Join us as we come together every week for six weeks.

6 Weeks
The extended duration of the studio ensures ample opportunities for capacity building—encouraging student-led initiatives, practical exercises, and cooperative projects.
Cohort Size
Up to 30 individuals
The learning approach is experiential, allowing participants to appreciate the depth of Liberating Structures through active participation in a virtual environment, including working in different group arrangements.
Live Sessions
2 hours per week
Every Tuesday

9 am ICT | 7 pm PST | 10 pm EST
Each session kicks off with check-ins and an element of fun before diving into collaborative efforts.

And the perk of the virtual setup: enjoy your fresh cup of homemade beverage as you learn!
Time Commitment
Flexible to suit your schedule
The majority of the sessions will span 2 hours with a degree of flexibility.



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Hear it from those who've experienced it!

"I really enjoyed the 'learn and practice together' format of the LS Studio, and got a lot of value from working with people from different countries and different professional backgrounds. It's been a great experience, I'd recommend it for anyone, experienced with LS or just getting started."
"I had already had a course on LS, but this course enabled a much deeper connection amongst the participants. A lot of deep insights and reflections emerged in the discussions and helped me make meaning of my own practice much better. I am leaving the course with a much wider perspective of the work with LS and of the work that I already do as a facilitator."
"The LS Studio was a powerful, fun learning opportunity for me. I gained specific knowledge and skills that have deepened my facilitation "toolkit", and I'm eager to learn more. I will definitely integrate LS in many aspects of my life/work (already am!)"

Meet Your Hosts

This Liberating Structures Studio cohort is hosted by Susan Basterfield and Hermes Huang

Image of Susan Basterfield.

Susan Basterfield

Susan is a catalyst and convener who believes that awareness and discernment can unblock drains and move mountains. She is an educator, coach, facilitator, and collective entrepreneur.

Image of Hermes Huang

Hermes Huang

Hermes has spent the last decade exploring, practicing, and facilitating with international teams and organizations who aim to embody and embrace innovation in their work and life.

Katrina Botelho

Katrina Botelho

Katrina is an adaptable and results-driven trainer and facilitator with over 9 years of experience in designing and delivering effective training programs.

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