Leading Globally Diverse Teams with a People-Centered Approach: Meet Katrina - Director of Programs at InsightPact

Katrina Botelho is an adaptable and results-driven trainer and facilitator with over 8 years of experience in designing and delivering effective training programs. She has worked within both the public and private sector industries with international and domestic political organizations, the health and wellness industry, education, and technology.

Katrina’s expertise in Systems Thinking, Experiential Learning, and Embodied Cognition has enabled her to facilitate impactful learning experiences for individuals and teams. She creates collaborative and co-creative spaces that encourage movement, fun, and understanding. By focusing on incorporating diverse ways of learning and including varied methods of engagement, through movement, conversation, and personal reflections, Katrina’s training provides a tangible impact on participants from diverse backgrounds.  

Some of the programs that Katrina has facilitated in the past include team development retreats for United Nations Volunteers, program management and leadership development training for multiple education organizations, and wellbeing and mindfulness training for leaders in the health and wellness industry. She emphasizes cross-cultural communication, inclusion, and collective learning in her programs, providing actionable insights that can be implemented in work and organization right away. 

Katrina has lived across four continents and currently calls Southeast Asia her home. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, exploring the arts, and experimenting with new recipes.

The best part of InsightPact for me.

Director of Programs
Katrina Botelho
Katrina Botelho
Facilitation, Systems Thinking, Policy Analysis

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