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Episode 00
July 6, 2022
32m 00s

In this first episode of Being Considered, hosts Irene Laochaisri and Hermes Huang explore their own personal stories of around practicing wellbeing at work.

Team Building
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Latest Podcast

Episode 05
September 22, 2022
38m 00s
We are all Facilitators of Wellbeing
In this conversation, Sara, Irene, and Hermes explore how facilitation is a role and a skill that we all practice in our daily lives, regardless of what your job is. We explore how the function of a facilitator as a role and skill allows us to creates ease and fluidity in the spaces we find ourselves. And that this ease and flow ultimately creates improved wellbeing for all involved.
Episode 04
September 8, 2022
47m 00s
Wellbeing for Startups and their Founders
In this conversation with ecosystem builder and angel investor, Amarit Charoenphan, we get into wellbeing in the startup space. In a world where start-ups as well as Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises are expected to produce against all odds, what does it mean to re-center teams and founders around the concept of a wellbeing and people first approach while also succeeding in the competitive world of early stage business.
Episode 03
August 25, 2022
44m 00s
Into the Weeds of Wellbeing
In this conversation, we get into the organization's role in creating a space for wellbeing as well as the measurements and data around wellbeing. We also look at at some methodological data and capturing steps in measuring the impact of wellbeing.

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