UNDP Private Sector Engagement Roundtables

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Non-Governmental Organization
Jan 2021

How the Legal Identity team at UNDP engaged InsightPact’s technical facilitation and event management services to enable meaningful & impactful conversations during their first online forum.

“At all stages of the entire engagement, from initial contact to a final debrief meeting, the InsightPact team were a pleasure to work with. They met, and exceeded, all expectations, and were thoroughly professional in everything they did. From initial contract discussions, to final wrap up, they were a model partner. We can recommend them wholeheartedly for similar types of engagement with any clients, public or private. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.”



The Legal Identity team at UNDP wanted to organise an online roundtable session, where both the UN and the private sector discuss how technological innovation will affect and influence the debates around the future of identity management, institutional governance of civil registration and identity management.

The primary objective for the UNDP was to have formal meaningful dialogue with the private sector on the effects of new technology advances on the future of identity management and that is exactly what partnering with InsightPact allowed them to do.

Given the fact that this was the first time that the team hosted a forum of this nature online, InsightPact was brought on to ensure that all technical aspects of the event were taken care of while they focused on their content and stakeholders.

The Challenge

Technical facilitation

As many of us are discovering, facilitating virtual events isn’t always easy, unstructured or poorly run virtual events can lead to wasted time, frustrated teams and ineffective outcomes.

In order to ensure that conversations continued flowing seamlessly throughout the event, we provided two trained technical facilitators and quality oversight throughout the seven-hours of virtual content.

This allowed the Legal Identity team to have peace of mind knowing that all the technical and logistical aspects are fully taken care of, while they focused on their content delivery and engaging participants.

Speaker management

Speakers and moderators are the backbone of any event, the manner in which they deliver content and engage the audience can often make or break an event.  

To ensure that the moderators were adequately prepared and maintain high quality conversations throughout the event we scheduled prep calls with all the moderators to share best practices on how to deliver the content and train them on how to use the conferencing platform.

Report writing

Following the completion of the event, we produced a post event report. This allowed the team to review what worked, what didn’t and measure the success of the event against objectives. The report also allowed us to provide key recommendations for future event improvements.

Note Taking

Taking effective notes is important not only for participants but organizers as well, effective note taking helps ensure that all key ideas are captured and nothing falls through the cracks.

We provided a note taking template with clear guidelines outlining the key things to focus on, this ensured that the note taker only captured high level ideas and essential parts of the conversations during the sessions which are currently being implemented by the UNDP.

Participant management

Drawing on InsightPact’s experience in the last 2 years running large virtual and hybrid events with complex and customized registration experiences with our UN and global non-profit partners allowed us to create forms that not only allowed us to register participants but also collect discussion ideas from participants, encouraging more interactive dialogue in the event.

This made the sessions more interactive and engaging since participants from the private sector could also share their thoughts, making the entire event and experience more enriching for both the participants and organizers.

The Results

Our collaboration with the Legal Identity team gave them peace of mind throughout the event, knowing that all the technical and logistical aspects were fully taken care of. Not only was the event described by all stakeholders involved as a resounding success, it also yielded the following results:

  • High-quality conversations that engaged participants and made them excited to continue discussing after the roundtable insightful and actionable conclusions that the Legal Identity will take forward to implement.
  • Confidence in the Legal Identity team that online forums can facilitate meaningful stakeholder engagement and generate valuable insights