November 30, 2023
6:00 pm
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The Gifts of Imperfection Book Discussion

1 hour
via Zoom
Book Discussion

Following a mental-health crisis in 2006, Brown began looking for inspiration to reform her attitude. She found it in the perspectives of her research subjects, who she believed were living wholehearted lives, which Brown defines through 10 guideposts. Brown asserts that wholehearted living can be achieved through courage, compassion, and connection.

The research subjects, whose narratives were collected during Brown’s qualitative research, stood out for living full, inspiring lives while accepting their imperfections. These people embodied courage, compassion, and connection and had the audacity to be and reveal their true selves, despite social demands that they conform.

(The 10th-anniversary edition is prefaced with Brown’s reflections on how her attitude has changed, namely, her awareness of her white privilege and her sensitivity to the fact that people from less advantaged ethnic groups face greater challenges in being vulnerable.

She maintains that it is the responsibility of everyone to work toward a world where people from all demographics have the physical and emotional safety to be vulnerable.)

Let's dive into it together in November! 🤓


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