Forming meaningful connections: Meet Bheki- Marketing & Brand Communication Manager at InsightPact

Bhekisisa is an experienced communications practitioner who brings expertise in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Strategic Brand Communication. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Bheki has a deep understanding of forging strong brand identities by shaping visual communications for stakeholders in diverse fields, from private to public sectors.

Bheki is a skilled problem-solver and technician who can collaborate in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams to plan and execute integrated communications strategies. He is committed to building strong relationships with team members and stakeholders and is always looking to learn new communications tools & methodologies while keeping up with content trends, all to build a versatile communications toolkit.

In his free time, Bheki maintains a sense of balance by keeping up with his fitness & wellness regimes. Bheki believes in meaningful brand-building, rooted in the concept that organizations can make a positive impact on broader society if they are guided by the needs of the communities they serve. In order to do so, organizations must have a clear idea of their brand, and engage in meaningful dialogue about their purpose - Bheki enjoys facilitating these conversations.

The best part of InsightPact for me.

The best part of InsightPact for me is the level of consideration put into decisions that affect everyone inside and outside the room. 

I would describe InsightPact as a people-centered training and facilitation agency that empowers organizations with the skills to enable people-centered leadership, healthy work environments, and effective organizations.

A bit about me.

I am a communications practitioner with expertise in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing/Advertising, and Strategic Brand Communication. I enjoy listening to and discovering new music and I’m into nurturing plants.

Where am I from?

I grew up and spent most of my life in Harare, Zimbabwe. I moved to Cape Town, South Africa for a bit and now I’m based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Where do I currently live?

I’m currently based in Bangkok.

Why InsightPact?

I’ve always liked flexible work setups and found InsightPact post-pandemic when I realized remote work was ideal for me. I was also keen on the challenge of working in a new environment and it was important to me that my next role be in an organization that contributed towards a positive impact on society, cue InsightPact.

The book that changed the way I think.

Philip B. Meggs' History of Graphic Design - It gave an insightful look at the correlation between the history of visual communication and the history of the world and how one often has a significant influence on the other.

Honorary mentions: Brand Leadership by David A. Aaker, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat. 

How I practice wellbeing & wellness in my day-to-day life.

I try to be as present in the moment as possible(work in progress). I also vary my physical training often, enjoying a mix of cardio, functional fitness, and or boxing-fitness workouts. My ultimate goal is to maintain a sense of balance between mental wellbeing and physical wellness; I believe the two are interdependent.

My morning routine.

I’m not a morning person at all so I do something enjoyable as soon as I wake up and right now that’s to tending to/watering my plants. Doing this also usually means I get a good amount of sunlight early, often setting up my day quite nicely.

My playlist right now.

Watching: Star Trek: The Original Series

Listening: Sade, Jamiroquai, Fred Again

Reading: The Trial by Franz Kafka

Marketing & Brand Communication Manager
Bhekisisa Kumalo
Bhekisisa Kumalo
Strategic Brand Communication, Digital Marketing, Visual Communication

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