Operationalizing Kindness at Work: Meet Irene Laochaisri - Co-Founder of InsightPact

Irene is a trainer, facilitator, and organizational development specialist who has worked with global organizations of all kinds to foster people-centered leadership and workplace wellbeing. In her career so far, Irene has designed and facilitated numerous impactful workshops and training programs for organizations like UNDP, International Labor Organization, Wikimedia Foundation, Peace Direct, Impact Hub Berlin, and Google News Initiative to strengthen team health, foster alignment, and develop leadership skills. 

Irene has a depth of experience collaborating with clients across international tech startups, global nonprofits, intergovernmental organizations, and consumer goods multinationals. Her passion for operationalizing kindness at work with effective people and culture strategies form the foundation for the learning experiences in the training programs she leads. She ensures participants share the ownership of their learning experience equally and with pride, and that everyone present gets to bring their best to the conversation. 

Most importantly, Irene’s programs get people to put what they are learning into practice through role playing, simulations and hands-on exercises. This approach was crucial to the impact of some of her highlighted work: the agile ways of working training with an intergovernmental organization, design thinking leadership workshop with a consumer goods multinational, and innovation leadership program with a humanitarian aid organization. Through these methodologies, participants leave Irene’s programs with the confidence to champion their learnings and integrate the new skills they have built into their daily work.

A Bangkokian with Berlin as her adoptive home, Irene loves dancing to electronic music, annoying her two cats, and enthusiastically punching the air at the BodyCombat classes in her local gym. She is also an avid reader who aspires to be a book influencer one day. 

Irene’s expertise in community development, organizational design and strategy makes her a great fit for teams who are looking to build skills in teams in a way that is aligned with organizational strategy.

The best part of InsightPact for me.

I am humbled daily by the dedication and talent of our team. It’s a pleasure to co-create InsightPact with such kind-hearted, thoughtful, and intelligent people, and I look forward to seeing them thrive in their careers at InsightPact and beyond.

A bit about me.

I’m a karaoke-loving cat parent who is easily annoyed by poorly salted foods. I enjoy dancing to bumpy music, attending BodyCombat classes, and am permanently guilty of starting books that I never finish. 

My deepest passion in life is cultivating meaningful relationships by bringingーand supporting others to bringーcuriosity, generosity, and vulnerability to every interaction.

Where am I from?

I was raised in Bangkok, but spent a lot of my formative adult years in Boston and Berlin.

Where do I currently live?

Berlin is my chosen home.

What is core to InsightPact?

If there was one thing that you would say is core to InsightPact, what would that be?

InsightPact has been through many iterations throughout the past 5 years, but one belief has always remained true: what makes work fulfilling is feeling understood, supported, and celebrated by those we work with. And fulfilled teams create successful organizations. These core beliefs drive us in all the programs and initiatives we work on at InsightPact, internally and with clients.

The podcast that changed the way I think.

Simon Sinek discusses loneliness in his recent episode with The Diary of a CEO podcast. For the first time, I heard loneliness described as feeling misunderstood, or feeling like people do not know you the way you wish to be known.

With this framing, we can start to understand that the antidote of loneliness is to put effort into truly knowing ourselves and others. That’s what connection is really all about. 

How I practice wellbeing & wellness in my day-to-day life.

My wellbeing practice boils down to being aware of what gives me energy and thoughtful about what I give my energy to.

I try my best to follow Hermes’ advice: to hold things lightly. My interpretation of this advice is to approach any conversation, experience, and interaction with attention but not attachment. Easier said than done, but it is through this approach that I can be mindful of how much energy I put into the different things that demand my attention in life and work. 

My morning routine.

My husband and I start our days with lots of fluffy cuddles with our cats, taking our time to wake up and get out of bed. We then feed the cats and enjoy coffee and breakfast while listening to a podcast or the news. Then, we sit down for our morning meditation before getting ready for our work days.

My playlist right now.


  • Lightchaser  - Cinnamon Chaser
  • Coldplay’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert
  • The Modern People Leader Podcast


  • Users - Colin Winnette
  • Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations - Josh Bersin
  • A Promised Land - Barack Obama


  • A lot of lifestyle and fitness YouTubers who approach health with kindness and science in mind
  • Season 3 of Succession
Irene Laochaisri
Irene Laochaisri
Design Research, Community Development, Public Policy

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