A walking library: Meet Mee - Finance & Operations Manager at InsightPact

Mee is a detail-oriented operational designer with experience in a wide range of Distributed Team Operations, namely accounting, finance, program management, media creation, and research. Mee has a deep understanding of systems thinking and mapping out processes and operations. 

Mee is a skilled problem solver who can find both quick fixes and systematized solutions to almost any problem. He is deeply committed to making our logistics as smooth as possible so our stakeholders and clients can focus on learning, developing, and training.

In his free time, Mee enjoys being consistent with his workout routine. He also loves tinkering with new technology and listening to a variety of long-form interviews on the Internet.

The best part of InsightPact for me.

The best part of InsightPact for me is the working environment where it feels safe to take care of myself physically and mentally with the support from company policies and teammates, which allows me to learn how I best collaborate with the team.

InsightPact is an organization that facilitates the growth between human to human and technology to human, it is done so in a way that is reflective and respective to the differences of each human being.

A bit about me.

I enjoy acting and singing along to music from movies I like, especially after just watched it. Some stories even stay with me for some time as part of my personality. Naturally, they also brought me a storytelling lens of how I see everything around me, there was a year my Instagram was filled with a lot of random people, animals, everyday objects, and a variety of photos from my love of street photography.

Where am I from?

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.

Where do I currently live?

I live in Bangkok.

Why InsightPact?

A few months after college graduation in 2018, I responded to a hiring opportunity in my college inbox (I think it was sent to everyone in my cohort) the email was from Hermes who at the time was teaching one of the classes during my senior year and also starting a business called InsightPact. Hermes was hiring for a part-time position to assist with an ongoing research project which I thought was a good opportunity for me to take on as a first jobber without committing full-time since I was still unsure of what I wanted to do with my life.

The rest is history… just kidding, I decided to continue working at InsightPact over the past 4 years, and now as a full-time team member, because I believe InsightPact can heal the world with decent facilitation.

The movie that changed the way I think.

Paprika (2006) - It’s a sci-fi story about a group of scientists who develop a device that allows the user to view people's dreams to help psychiatric patients. I like where it explores the relationship between our waking mind and sleeping consciousness. This idea reminds me to be less sure about anything when navigating complex communication with others and myself. Plus, I have been more curious about why dreams happen in a certain way.

How I practice wellbeing & wellness in my day-to-day life.

Creating a cooldown time every day to just be outside and walk. From spending a lot of time formulating how “Me” works, I came to the conclusion that however I am doing in a day I should spend time outside every day to center myself because collaborating remotely or spending a lot of time in front of a computer can make my body and mind distant from each other.

My morning routine.

I am an early riser. Sometimes I go for a light exercise, other times when I’m feeling lazy I just try to get in the shower as the first thing to kick off my day and postpone exercise to the evening.

My playlist right now.

Watching: Bo Burnham: Inside

Listening: Bo Burnham - Comedy

Reading: My personal journal/diary

Finance & Operations Manager
Worawit (Mee) Wanathamsujarit
Worawit (Mee) Wanathamsujarit
Project Management, Storytelling, Field Research

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