Embodied Stakeholder Mapping & Constellations

Dynamic Exploration of Stakeholder Understanding

Immerse yourself in a dynamic exploration of stakeholders understanding with our interactive workshop on Embodied Stakeholder Mapping and Constellations. This innovative training program will reveal the power of embodied cognition, the interplay of physical activity with creativity, and the intricate ways of perceiving stakeholders beyond cognitive biases.


3 hours

Mode of Delivery

Live in-person or Live Online


  1. Introduction to Diverse Data Framework: Understand the concept of data beyond cognitive biases.
  2. Deep Practice Session - Food Exploration: Unearth embodied data by exploring food as an embodiment tool.
  3. Deep Practice Session - Daily Operations: Learn to leverage embodied data for everyday work.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will:
  1. Gain an understanding of embodied cognition and the concept of diverse data.
  2. Develop skills to recognize and trust the data their bodies present.
  3. Learn to apply the principles of embodied data in their day-to-day work.

Workshop Methodology

This workshop combines theory sessions with hands-on activities to provide an interactive learning experience. Participants will engage in collaborative exercises and individual reflection within an inclusive learning environment. There will also be ample opportunities for Q&A sessions.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for:
  • Hospitality, Food, and Beverage Industry Managers looking for innovative ways to engage their teams and customers.
  • Learning & Development Leads seeking to enhance their training portfolios with novel tools and concepts.
  • Design Thinking Facilitators needing fresh approaches to empathetically engage stakeholders.
  • Market Researchers interested in employing creative methods from design thinking in food and beverage research.

Key Takeaways

  1. Data is omnipresent and goes beyond cognitive understanding.
  2. Practice leveraging what you love to comprehend embodied data.
  3. Learn to trust your body's sensory capabilities.
  4. Understand how to practice emotional intelligence in group settings.

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