Sensing and Articulating Taste

Unlocking Emotional Intelligence Through Sensory Experiences

Begin to explore and understand how emotional intelligence practice can be done through expanding our sensory capabilities. Our unique 'Sensing and Articulating Taste' workshop guides you through mindful interaction with our senses, our food, and our professional interpersonal relationships. By honing your sensory capabilities, you can bring a deeper level of emotional intelligence into your decision-making process. As an added bonus, this workshop is often delivered in collaboration with innovators in Southeast Asian food systems. Their collaboration in this workshop helps us connect our own individual sensory experiences to the wider agricultural-ecological system. Our engaging workshop is available in both live in-person and online formats.


3 hours

Mode of Delivery

Live in-person or Live Online


  1. Theory - Deep dive into Diverse Data Framework
  2. Deep Practice Session - Engage with food to uncover the world of embodied data
  3. Deep Practice Session - Leverage your newfound knowledge of embodied data in everyday work scenarios

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will:
  1. Understand and leverage the concept of diverse sensory data to enhance decision-making.
  2. Explore the world of embodied data, understanding its origins, and potential.
  3. Uncover the untapped reservoir of sensory knowledge within you.
  4. Cultivate emotional intelligence and boost professional skills through mindful, sensory experiences.

Workshop Methodology

Our workshop revolves around activity-based learning, focusing on individual reflection and collaborative sessions. Get hands-on experience with various activities and scenarios designed to help you grasp the principles of diverse and embodied data, and learn how to leverage your sensory knowledge in your professional life.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for:
  • Hospitality, Food, and Beverage Industry Managers seeking innovative employee engagement strategies.
  • Learning & Development Leads looking to incorporate new tools and concepts into their training portfolio.
  • Design Thinking Facilitators requiring fresh, empathy-building engagement methodologies.
  • Market Researchers interested in adopting creative methods from design thinking for participant engagement in food and beverage research.

Key Takeaways

  1. Data is everywhere and comes in many forms, and we must practice recognizing it.
  2. Trust and develop your sensory capabilities.
  3. Practice emotional intelligence within a group.
  4. Develop a love for mindful engagement with what you consume

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